Volunteer at No More War Festival, 17-20 Aug
As we co-create the Festival space together it is very important to share tasks and to carry the work in a fun collective environment. At No More War Festival we call volunteering "Karma Yoga". Karma Yoga is a practice which brings extra points to your Karma as you do good things for others. Karma Yoga does not mean yoga as standing in postures and bending your body in all directions, but yoga as an inner practice to become a better self.

Therefore we invite you to join Karma Yoga teams! There are many Karma Yoga teams to choose from, see below.

You can read more about the festival at www.no-more-war.confetti.events
and more about volunteering: www.suderbyn.se/karma-work

Conditions for volunteers
People doing 4 and more hours of Karma Yoga per day do not need to contribute for food.
The festival and camping is free for everyone, but participants who do less than 4 h of Karma Yoga per day are asked to contribute for food.

Similarly, workshop holders and bands do not contribute for food with money but with their part of the content.

See No More War Festival video <3
Signing up for volunteering
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Choosing Karma Yoga Team(s)
These are the Karma Yoga teams available to join. Please choose ones which you would like to contribute to.
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Coordinating Karma Yoga teams
Each Karma Yoga team has a "focaliser" who hopefully knows what is going on and coordinates parts of work. However there is no strict hierarchy, the space is organised on the base of trust and shared responsibility.
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That's all!
Thank you for signing up to be a volunteer! See you at No More War Festival on Gotland on 17-20 Aug ;) If you have questions email us to festivalnomorewar@gmail.com
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