Application to Join the Evolutionary Leadership Community
IMPORTANT NOTE: We're excited that you've decided to join us at the Evolutionary Leadership Community! Please note that before filling out this application you're expected to have at least basic understanding of how the community functions, have an active community member willing to recommend you, and be ready to commit to pay monthly membership dues. If you don't feel ready to proceed at this point, you can download our Operating Principles and/or request a call/meeting with our community stewards here: 
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What is your full name? *
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Where are you based? (city, country) *
How did you learn about the Evolutionary Leadership Community? *
What is your interest in or connection to intentional redesign of worldviews, cultures, and institutions for a better world? *
Why are you joining the community? *
Which of the following ways to engage with the community appeal to you at this point? (please check all that apply) *
We pride ourselves in evolving this community with no time pressure on members. It’s absolutely your choice if you want to be a passive observer or actively manage community budget, learn, teach, build supportive relationships, and participate in governance. It's important though to make sure that all members have the information and the tools to engage in activities they are interested in. That's why we need to know your preferences (don't worry, this is not a commitment, just a snapshot of your interests here and now).
The easiest and the most reliable way to pay your dues is to set up a recurring payment plan with a credit card. Unless you have strong reasons to prefer a different form of payment, please set up your default membership dues here: (we will only charge your card when you become an active member) *
You can change the amount of your monthly dues at any point.
What is the default amount of your monthly contribution? (you'll be able to change the amount of upcoming contributions at any point) *
Which active community member agreed to recommend you? *
Please copy the text of the recommendation to the field below (if left blank we will contact the recommender to get the text directly from them)
Active members recommend new candidates by writing a very short (usually around 30-100 words) recommendation stating how they got to know the candidate and why the candidate would be a good fit for the community.
Would you like us to share your email address with other Evolutionary Leadership Community members? *
If you would like to actively network with other members, we recommend you to opt in for sharing your email address with other members. If you would like to minimize the amount of communication from the community, we recommend using your email address only for official communication from the community.
Do you commit to join the Evolutionary Leadership Community after your application is accepted by our active members? *
Once we have your recommendation and know the amount of your membership dues, we'll announce your candidacy to our active members in the upcoming issue of our Program Announcement email that we send out on the 20th day of every month. Unless some of our members have questions or concerns about your candidacy, your membership will start on the 1st day of the month that follows the announcement of your candidacy to our members. By submitting this application you commit to pay monthly membership dues that you indicated above until you send a written notice to with a request to change or cancel your membership dues (all changes should take effect in no more than two business days after your notice is received). Until the community becomes a separate cooperative, legally you will be considered a client (and, if you teach a community-sponsored workshop, a contractor) of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership, LLC. By joining the community you agree to accept the services "as is" while being in full control of canceling your membership or changing the amount of your contribution.
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