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SMedian is where the top and fastest growing publications go to grow faster. Sponsor us to keep us running smoothly and we will display your logo and call to action in various locations on the platform.
What is SMedian
SMedian is where 290+ of's top and fastest growing publications go to find new writers to fuel their growth. SMedian is also where thousands of writers go to be found by editors and grow their brand.
Quick Stats
SMedian users browse the site for over 5 minutes per session. On average, users scroll through 97% of the feed and take action often.
Why We Need Sponsors
SMedian stores a great deal of data to help publications better understand how they are growing, but all of that data storage comes with a cost. That's why we are looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of SMedian to keep the platform running smoothly. Please fill out the form below with your contact information if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.
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