Tango Social Study in Berlin (2)


As you know, we are trying to explore the differences in social behaviors in the tango environment in different cities, and we are very interested in your opinion.

- Have you ever danced tango in Berlin?
- Would like to know more about tango in the cities?
- Do you have an anecdote that you did not see in other cities?

Then you can participate in this questionnaire that collects information from this city, then compare the results with other cities in the study, and thus be able to see the differences and similarities.

We think that anecdotes are what best shows us the behavior of dancers in this social environment. The more stories and the more details, the better it will be for the study.

At the end of the questionnaire indicates if you want to be notified when we have the results. They will show you upon request. No one will know what they have written the respondents, everything is ANONYMOUS.

Thank you for your participation!

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