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When faced with multiple great job offers (which is an exciting problem to have), it is often difficult to decide which one is best suited for you. We've identified 4 factors (Chemistry, Commitment, Challenge, and Compensation) people often take into consideration to help with the decision making process. Please rank the following 4 factors in order of importance from 1 to 4; where 1 is the most important to you and 4 is the least important to you.
Chemistry with all your future key stakeholders, colleagues, and reporting manager. Do you see yourself as a culture fit? *
Commitment - how committed will you be to what you’ll be doing and how committed are your key stakeholders to the cause? Are you aligned with what the company stands for? *
Challenge - which of the opportunities will challenge you the most? Is this a challenge you need to overcome to get closer to your dream job? *
Compensation - including salary, bonus, commute time, health benefits, vacation time, stock options (if applicable), and other cool company perks. *
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