AqsaRide.Com 2019 Charity Registration of Interest Form
May Allah reward you for your intentions to join this challenge and help our needy Ummah.

Please take out a few minutes to fill in this form. We have limited spaces, PRIORITY will be given to those that register first.

The challenge starts around July 2019.

Minimum Fundraising target is £6,000 Per Person. Each individual will get around £500 of their costs sponsored once the target is reached.
All through their chosen charity.

The total PROPOSED registration per person will be £2500 and includes food, travel, support vehicle and transport of bicycles back from Jordan, etc. We will require a registration fee of £1000 within 1 week of acceptance per participant. THIS IS ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS FROM BOTH PARTIES.

Participation remains at the discretion of the organisers (AICC) and will only be confirmed once you have submitted this registration form and agreed conditions

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