Pre-Registration for English Religious Education Student K-12
Wednesday/Miercoles 6pm-7:30pm
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Sacraments received/Sacramentos recibe en tiempo pasado: *
Did you complete Religious Education in 2019-2020/Completa Educacion Religiosa en año 2019-2020? *
Important information (allergies, IEP, etc.)/Informacion Importante (alergias, etc) *
Father's full name/primer nombre y Apellido de Papa *
Mother's full name/primer nombre y Apellido de Mama *
Street address (street, city, state, zip code)/Direccion (calle, ciudad, estato, codigo postal) *
Number for Father/Telefono de Papa: *
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Number for Mother/Telefono de Mama: *
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Cell or Email on Flocknote/Ay Celular o Correo Electronico en Flocknote?
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Emergency Contact/Contacto de Emergencia *
Phone number for Emergency Contact/Numero de Contacto de Emergencia *
Contacts relation to student/relacion de contacto con estudiante? *
Interest in volunteering in English on Wednesday's?
I understand certificate copies and $25 per student payment required before classes begin in Sept 2020/yo se copias de certificados y costo de $25 cada estudiante requisite antes empieza los clases en Septiembre 2020 *
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