Beautiful Food Interest Survey
Beautiful Food is a management circle at SPAC where members and employees come together to discuss the infiltration of the food industry. This circle works together to research company practices and product ingredients in order to help our customers make educated buying decisions. The following questions are designed to help the Beautiful Foods Management Circle decide where members want us to focus our energy.
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How do you define 'natural' in regards to food?
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Select the importance you impose on certain characteristics when buying products at the Stevens Point Area Co-op.
Not Important at all
No Preference
Extremely Important
Whether a product is Certified Organic
Whether a product is made locally
Whether a product is Fair Trade certified
The price of the product
The types of ingredients found in the product
The nutritional content of the product
Please Check the box if you will not buy a product with the following additives.
If you have a special diet/allergy (eg. gluten free, vegan, etc.), do you feel as though there are enough options for you at SPAC?
If you answered "no" to the previous question, please let us know what kinds of products we should carry to satisfy your needs.
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Are you interested in knowing more about food systems, additives, etc.?
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, in what way would you prefer to be educated?
Please list any comments, questions, and/or requests, that you have for the Beautiful Food circle.
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