PH Module Review AY20/21 SEM 2
This module repository is a Public Health Interest Group initiative. The purpose of this repository is to better inform students about what to expect when reading modules offered under SSHSPH.

i. Participation in the lucky draw is entirely optional. Please provide your NUSNET-ID if you would want to participate.
ii. Be objective and clear in your reviews.
iii. The reviews made through this platform would be entirely anonymous. Administrators will be able to filter out information at our own discretion.
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Contest Details - Terms and Conditions
1. Each review is equivalent to one draw chance.
2. Please do not submit duplicate entries for one module. Administrators have the right to disqualify incomplete or duplicate entries.
3. Closing date for draw is: 12th January 2021, 2359
4. Winners will be contacted via their NUS email by 15th January 2021.

Prizes from the contest are sponsored by SSHSPH. PHIG is responsible for collation of review and the contest.
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