RAHS Commencement - Senior Survey
Dear class of 2022 - there is much we don't know about what graduation will look like in June, but we are preparing for many possibilities, and doing everything we can to make your graduation as special and memorable as possible.

Most importantly, we need to order graduation materials much earlier than usual this year, and we need your help! Please provide your name EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your diploma - your legal first and last name are required, and you may choose to include middle name(s) or initial(s) if you want them on your diploma.

Thank you!

-Mr. Sav and your RAHS Graduation Team
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Last Name - this is how it will appear on your diploma - double check for typos! *
OPTIONAL: Suffix - anything that goes after your last name (Sr. or roman numeral, for example)
First Name - this is how it will appear on your diploma - double check for typos! *
OPTIONAL: Middle name(s) or initial(s) IF desired on your diploma, otherwise leave blank
Student ID number (just the number, no "S-") *
Student Speakers
Choose two seniors who you would like to hear speak at graduation.
Student Speaker #1
Student Speaker #2
Choose an RAHS Staff member you would like to hear speak at Graduation.
Music Suggestion for Recessional - Song and Artist (this is the music that plays as you leave the ceremony) songs with inappropriate lyrics or themes will not be considered. You are allowed to coordinate your musical votes, so talk to friends and make your pick the winner!
Vote for one student (does not have to be a senior) to perform (sing and/or play) the National Anthem.
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