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Thank you for your interest in leading sessions at RollerCon!

We track volunteer hours very carefully, so when you've completed this form, please make sure you have an account in our Volgistics tracking system. If you have volunteered at RollerCon since 2012, you should already have a Volgistics account, and you can access it here:

If you haven't volunteered at RollerCon, please sign up for a new account here:

*We can't schedule coach or seminar leaders who do not have a Volgistics account*

Please fill out this form for each session you'd like to lead. You will have the opportunity to submit the form as many times for as many classes as you would like to lead. Every form entry asks for your bio and availability, but you can give us answers like "use previous bio submission" to make things go faster.

RETURNING COACHES: Want to skip the line?
If you're submitting a bunch of classes in a row, or want to reuse your previous years bio or class descriptions, we want to make that as easy as possible for you. You can reference the title of a class you want to re-submit and we'll look it up, or wait for an email from Bacon inviting you to review the sessions you did last year. No need to retype it all! Just put enough in the form for us to find it. We have every year since - ugh, 2011, I think! Oh god. Here are a few years you can scan for your past sessions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qNR2VyuCtARDngOEs4Qt06DSrGKZf9uHfSBqPL65lds/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks and thank you for submitting sessions! Here's looking forward to an awesome RollerCon with your help!

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Assistant Coach
You can update us at VCI later if you recruit someone to help at RollerCon, you don't have to know now!
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Session Type *
AV & Other Needs
You can skip this question. On Skates tracks are provided with microphones and audio boards with auxiliary inputs. Coaches are welcome to bring aux cords and a device with music without requesting anything specific here. Classrooms *do not* have built in AV. Projectors and audio devices must be requested. You may check more than one box. THIS REQUEST SERVES AS A RESERVATION.
Classroom Request
We will PROBABLY HAVE MORE PROJECTORS than what is listed, so don't stress that too much. SETUP DEFINITIONS: Classroom = tables with chairs facing a presenter table. Theater = chairs only facing a presenter table. Workshops = 5 x round tables of 10 in half the room, the other half is open carpet. Board room is one big fancy table with fancy chairs, you know, like a Board room. PS: YOU MAY CHOOSE MORE THAN ONE OPTION, if more than one will work for your session.
Level *
What skill level will this class be geared toward? Find definitions here: http://www.rollercon.net/about/skater-skill-levels/.
Class Name *
Creative names appreciated, but please make it descriptive - and brief. We chop down the too-long ones. Your past year classes can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qNR2VyuCtARDngOEs4Qt06DSrGKZf9uHfSBqPL65lds/edit?usp=sharing
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Class Description *
Please give a short (ONE PARAGRAPH) description of your class for the calendar. Example: "Developing Powerful Pivots: A pivot isn't just the person with the stripe. There are a hundred right things for a pack to do in a jam, so how does a team get all (hopefully 5) of your players on the same page? The pivot can do that and more. Here's how to start developing powerful pivots with the know-how and ability to help their packs execute strategy - together. Bonus: how to become a great a backup jammer, too! Bring brains and black & white shirts. Good for any scrimmage-safe skill level." 2017 Classes can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qNR2VyuCtARDngOEs4Qt06DSrGKZf9uHfSBqPL65lds/edit?usp=sharing
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Max # of times you can teach the class *
Duration *
On skates are mostly 2 hours, but we have a few per day that are 1.5 hours (no one hour slots). We can split one slot in half if we have two coaches that want a 1-hr slot, but its a special request. Off skates athletic can be 1 or 1.5 hours. Seminars can be 1, 1.5 or 2 hours. Anything other requests, we'll do our best, but please ask early! It gets harder the later you ask.
Days you CANNOT coach
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Schedule Request & Preferences
If you think class(es) should be in a specific place, or on a certain day or time of day, please request it here. WE LOVE specific requests (ex: please schedule at 4pm Thursday). We also like lists of what challenges and bouts you're in, so we know when NOT to schedule you. No guarantees, but we'll try.
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About You
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Your real last name from your ID, please.
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Your first name from your ID.
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email *
Please double check that its accurate and there aren't weird spaces and shit in it. We copy and paste them in long lists. Thanks!
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Please list any languages you can use fluently while leading your sessions. Feel free to skip this question if you speak English only.
Your Bio *
Please make it ONE paragraph, keep it brief and interesting, and write in the third person. Feel free to include sponsor names, business you own or work for, and links for students to check out. Ex: "Ivanna S. Pankin is the kingpin of RollerCon, co-owns Sin City Skates, is the co-founder of Derby Owned, and is a founding board member and current Chair of Training for the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Ivanna is a proud contributor to Derby News Network and fiveonfive magazine." Past year bios can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qNR2VyuCtARDngOEs4Qt06DSrGKZf9uHfSBqPL65lds/edit?usp=sharing
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Do you travel coach? *
Please answer yes if you want RollerCon attendees to know that you're willing to travel to coach privately.
Biz Name
Does your coaching service have a name, like "Left Turn Coaching" or "Camp Awesome?" Here's where to put it.
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Website or Email
Please enter your website or contact info for your coaching biz, or just include it in your bio.
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