Danyetta's Coachability Check List
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Thank you for considering coaching! I am ready and able to coach you! However, I recognize that this is a BIG decision for YOU so I invite you to FIRST complete this short check list to see if you are truly ready for coaching.  Please take a few moments to complete this coachability check list as a first step to entering into a coaching collaboration/partnership with me.  Once completed, we will continue.  If you are ready to receive coaching, your next step is to book a 15-minute complimentary consultation with Coach Danyetta by visiting https://www.danyetta.com/book-online Thank you, Coach Danyetta
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Are you willing to create time for 45 minute coaching sessions?  Scheduling your coaching sessions ensures that you receive coaching,  This time that you set aside will pay you in dividends that are priceless!  Figure out the best time to invest in yourself with coaching.
Are you able to attribute and communicate value to the coaching relationship by paying for the sessions? When I first began coaching people back in 2000, I wrestled with the notion of having my clients pay a fee.  I was new and learning the concepts of coaching but, at the same time, I knew that if people paid a fee, albeit nominal, it would help them value the service even more.  Now that I've been coaching for over 20 years, I've been able to develop coach training materials for coaches, consultants, and leaders. That means I've gotten more proficient and experienced in coaching.  When you pay the coaching fee, you are communicating value and respect for the coaching services I am able to provide to you.  
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Are you comfortable with discomfort?  Successful coaching requires you to be proactive in embracing new ways of perceiving and acting. In doing so, you will likely experience fear or emotional blocks about new realizations and realities. You must be able to endure these periods of discomfort to realize the rewards of taking new and different approaches.
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Are you willing to try something new to get new results? Trying something new means taking risks, and experiments with new behaviors may not work the first time. Waiting for the perfect timing or perfect performance will stand in the way of progress. If you think you already have the answers and are unwilling to explore new options, you are unlikely to be open or do the necessary reflection to change. You have to try out new ideas and actions, fail, learn, and try again.
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Are you willing to do the work, complete assignments, and take responsibility?  It’s hard to change if you don’t believe you have the power to shape your future. Blaming the organization, the boss, too many responsibilities, and so on will block you from growth. Even if there is some truth in your reasoning, it’s impossible to move forward if you see yourself as a victim. You have to hold yourself accountable for making progress.
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Are you able to make peace with the past and extend forgiveness to yourself and others?  Even if you feel you’ve been mistreated, it’s essential to make peace with the past and channel your energy into progress. The need to “be right” or “show them” is rarely helpful for you or the people you work with. You must be willing to forgive and move on.
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Are you ready to be disciplined in your coaching?  Your development as a leader will likely require you to let go of ways of thinking and behaving that helped make you successful in the past and be prepared to live with the consequences. It may be hard for others to accept changes in your personal or work relationships. For example, you may have succeeded up to this point by saying yes to helping out colleagues and making yourself available. But disciplining yourself to say no and learning to focus on what’s important are essential parts of becoming a more effective leader. Even if those around you aren't as gracious at you no longer being available 24/7, you have to stay focused on your coaching goals.
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Are you able to ask for support? You must be engaged with other potential supporters, not just Coach Danyetta, throughout the coaching process. You are accountable for change, but you will develop faster if you make yourself vulnerable to others (with discernment), including your boss, peers, direct reports, and others. Share goals, ask for advice, listen with curiosity, and most critically, accept and act on the constructive feedback you receive. You will find that the changes you seek will happen more quickly and  more easily.  
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Ready for coaching?  Your next step is to book a 15-minute complimentary consultation with Coach Danyetta by visiting https://www.danyetta.com/book-online
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