Fresh Plus Duval Next Day Curbside Form
How it works:
-Please give us 24 hours to fulfill as orders are first sent, first served.
-Pickups end at 6pm daily
-Try to be as specific as possible as far as brands, flavors, etc.
-If item isn't available you will be offered one substitute unless you specify “no substitutes”
-We are trying our best to fulfill orders but please be understanding of supply issues
-We assure you we're giving you the best produce/meat/other fresh items we have. If the bananas are green, we only received green bananas
-You will receive a phone call when we are processing your order to set up pick up time
-We apologize but we cannot accommodate orders for alcohol or cigarettes
-Refunds will not be given unless a major error is made
-Your order will be put back on the shelf if we don't receive a call back within a day of calling you

Thank you so much for supporting Fresh Plus
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