Tea Gardening Survey

I am writing from Camellia Forest Nursery to ask a favor. We are writing an introductory book with the gardening book publisher Timber Press on the topic of growing tea in North America and the British Isles. We are really excited to have this opportunity to share information about growing tea, not only based on our experiences, but also from all we have learned from other growers throughout the years. We especially want to address the needs of new growers from a variety of backgrounds - ranging from experienced gardeners to tea lovers trying to grow camellias for the first time.

We are sending you this brief survey because we had an order from you in the past for Camellia sinensis, or you may be part of a tea interest group or Camellia club. We want to know what works for you, what didn't work, and we'd be glad to hear your questions about what you wish you had known when you started. Also, we would love to hear from anyone growing tea in unusual circumstances like in hotter or colder climates, in pots, or even indoors. Whatever you tell us will be helpful and everything is confidential. Your input is important, even if you are no longer growing tea.

Best wishes,
Christine Parks
Camellia Forest Nursery and Tea Gardens

P.S. We promise we won't share your e-mail or personal information with anyone. You will have the opportunity to have us keep you on the list for future communications, or take you off the list. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at teaflowergardens@gmail.com or send a comment through our tea garden website (www.teaflowergardens.com).

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