Application "No Box"
This is an application form for Erasmus+ long term project "No Box".
Before applying please read infopack:

Participation in all phases is mandatory:
- Training course, 2 - 8 October 2019, Hopeland, Argos, Greece
- Local Action Phase in partner country
- Follow up phase in partner country

Please read carefully all the questions and take your time to answer in detail.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact at

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Full name, Address, Phone number, Relationship to you
Describe your experience in the field of Youth Work (working with young people). *
What organization(s) are you connected and collaborating with?
What is your experience with outdoors, personal development themes? *
We aim to have a balanced group to gather knowledge from each other, so there's no right or wrong answer!
I can contribute to No Box by: *
Yes, we promote pro-activity, and by being open to offer something from your side, we believe this project will have a greater impact in the future. So, how can you contribute?
Focus Questions
What is your motivation to join "No Box"? *
How do you intend to apply the learnings acquired during this project in your daily work or life? *
International experience until now: how many Erasmus+ projects you have participated in so far? *
Please choose from your international experiences, if you had any, and share what was your biggest learning?
Please share a song that reminds you of yourself, your phase in life right now, or your current emotional state *
Where did you hear this training from? *
facebook post? - where | SALTO publication? | a friend told you? - who? | Saw it on a newsletter? - by whom? | ect etc
Free space to add anything:
By submitting this application I acknowledge the following conditions:
1. I will come fully prepared (will read infopack and materials sent by organisers).

2. I will take part full duration of the programme and acknowledge that this project is a learning process and not a holiday, therefore I am committed to work on my development and manage my own learning, supported by the facilitators and peers:
- Preparation
- Training course
- Local Action Phase
- Follow up

3. I will take part in the post project activities: to organise an event, fill the evaluation form and disseminate the results.

4. I agree that group photos and videos (where 2 or more participants are visible) taken in the project can be fully used in any material by Hopeland

5. I take full responsibility for my own insurance. I understand that the information provided on special needs does not remove my personal responsibility for ensuring my own health.

6. I agree with all conditions stated in the information package
I declare that I have understood and agree with the conditions of my participation on this project *
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