IE/Desert Consortium Strong Workforce Program - Round 2
The purpose of this form is to generate input from the field on regional labor market gaps and propose solutions to address these gaps. This is NOT a proposal. It is simply a way that the field can share their ideas with the region for the next round of regional SWP investments.

Industry sectors and across all CTE program priorities have been identified by the region's leadership groups (Executive Council, Steering Committee) and are shown below. After a series of idea activities, each sector/priority small work group will select their two top ideas to develop into a regional proposal for funding. ALL ideas submitted will be vetted before selection.

Name of Person Submitting this Idea
Organization Name
Phone number
What are the skills gaps that you are aware of?
What type of regional response would address this gap, resulting in MORE and BETTER CTE across the region? The region has defined a "regional" project as being one that has 3 or more colleges working collaboratively.
Which regional colleges are potential partners?
Industry Sector or Priority (select ONLY one)
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