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Application form for the guild <nVus> on Mal'ganis
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Can you reliably make our raid times (Tues-Wed-Thur 7:30-11:00 CST) *
What is your current progression as well as past raiding experience? *
What resources do you use to prepare for progression fights and study your class? *
Do you play any alts or other roles competitively currently or in the past? *
How do you handle criticism during and outside of raid? Do you often blame mistakes on other people, the game and lag? Can you handle an environment where you are expected to own your mistakes and move on? *
Why do you want to leave your current guild and would you let them know you're leaving or just ghost them? *
Why do you want to join our guild and what do you expect from us to enjoy your raiding/gaming experience? *
Tell us about yourself. What do you do outside of World of Warcraft and what games do you enjoy playing? *
Is there anything else you would like to let us know that was not covered in the application form? *
Link a YouTube video, we judge harshly.
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