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Please note: By submitting the adoption application, you are testifying that it, and all accompanying documentation, is true and factual. Paws for Love Dog Rescue Thunder Bay reserves the right to reject any application for any reason at any time.
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If you have adopted a dog through Paws for Love before, provide name(s) of dog(s) adopted and approximate date(s) the adoption took place. If you have not print N/A.
Employment Status: If you're employed, provide your occupation AND employer's name AND phone number. If not employed, state whether you are retired or unemployed. *
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If you have adopted a dog from another rescue or organization, state the organization's name and when the adoption took place. If not, then print N/A. *
List any dogs and cats you have, including name, age and breed. If you do not have any cats or dogs print N/A. *
Are your pets spayed or neutered? If all of your pets are spayed or neutered, print YES, if not, print NO, and explain why. If you do not have any pets, print N/A. *
Are your animals vaccinations up to date? If all of your animals' vaccinations are up to date print YES. If not, print NO and explain why. *
Are you prepared to make a long-term commitment to this dog? Many dogs live from 10 to 18 years. *
What would you consider your level of dog experience? *
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Do you have a fully fenced in yard? Print YES or NO. If YES, then provide dimensions and height of fence. *
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Do you have children? If you have children, list their ages. If no children, print N/A. *
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Who are you adopting this dog for? Print MYSELF or OTHER. If OTHER, who will be the dog's primary caregiver? *
Will you be taking your dog to training classes? Print YES or NO. If NO, explain why not. *
When do you think it is acceptable to yell or physically punish a dog? *
How many dogs have you owned in the last 5 years? *
What are their current circumstances? *
If they passed away, please list cause and age in death. If they are still with you, print N/A. *
How will you exercise this dog? Check one or more boxes. *
What are your plans for the dog you want to adopt? *
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How much do you think it will cost to feed a dog per month? *
Are you in a position to accept financial responsibility for this dog? *
What behaviour issues will you not tolerate with a dog? *
If issues arise, would you work with the dog (i.e. with a dog trainer)? *
How did you hear about Paws for Love Dog Rescue, Thunder Bay? *
I agree that this animal will remain in my care. The dog must not be surrendered to a pound or Humane Society or any other rescue, must not be sold or given away; must not be advertised. *
I understand that if this animal is not spayed or neutered, I agree to have it altered. Paws for Love retains the right to remove the dog from my home should I fail to do so. *
I agree to license and give regular health care to this dog. *
I agree that once adoption has been finalized, all veterinary expenses become my responsibility. While Paws for Love Dog Rescue will do its best to disclose any issues surrounding health & behaviour, I understand that rescue dogs can come with unforeseen issues due to unknown circumstances as well as behavioural problems common to particular breed or previous ownership. *
I agree to contact Paws For Love if for any reason I can no longer care for this dog. *
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