Now Yoga Community Survey—Spring 2021
As we consider reintroducing in-person classes, we’d love your feedback. Please take a moment to complete the following survey. Your input will help us determine what’s in the best interest of our teachers and students, and to better meet the needs of our entire community. Thank you for your support.
Are you presently residing in NYC with proximity to Astor Place?
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Are you currently practicing with Now Yoga online via Zoom?
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If you answered "No" to the previous question, check any or all that apply:
How would you describe your relationship to online classes?
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New York State DOH guidelines require that all teachers and participants of group fitness classes wear masks and practice social distancing (minimum 6 ft) while indoors, thereby restricting the use of hands-on adjustments. Until and unless these stipulations change, would you be interested in attending an in-person class and be willing to adhere to these guidelines?
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In line with DOH protocol, we would require that students preregister for class, complete and pass a health screening prior to arrival, and bring their own yoga mats (and personal set of props, when possible). Would you be willing to adhere to these guidelines in order to take an in-person class?
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If Now Yoga were NOT to require proof of vaccination and therefore require that the safety protocol detailed above be followed to the letter, even for individuals who are fully vaccinated, would you be interested in attending an in-person class?
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Should Now Yoga require that all participating teachers and students in in-person classes be vaccinated?
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Which of the following criteria would be required for you to feel safe in the studio? (Select all that apply.)
Prior to reopening, Now Yoga would undergo and pass the required DOH safety inspection ensuring proper ventilation and would enact a plan for compliance with all safety protocol mentioned above and including routine surface sanitization and the display of COVID-19 DOH signage within the studio. Is there anything else you would like to see addressed before returning to the studio?
If a limited schedule of in-person classes were to return to our Astor Place studio as early as May, would you be likely to attend?
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If "No" or "Maybe," check any or all that articulate why:
If applicable, which day(s) of the week would you likely visit the studio for an in-person class?
If applicable, what time(s) of day would you mostly likely practice at the studio?
If returning to the studio, what kinds of classes and programming would you most like to see offered? (Check any that apply.)
If Now Yoga were to offer a regular outdoor class through the summer and early fall in a park or outdoor space downtown, would you be interested in attending?
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Is there anything else you’d like to share with us at this time, regarding reopening, online classes, or anything else?
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