Writing Center Satisfaction Survey 2020
We'd like to know more about your experience with the Writing Center at International American University (IAU). Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential and anonymous.
Rating Scale
1 Strongly Disagree • 2 Disagree • 3 Neutral • 4 Agree • 5 Strongly Agree
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1) The quality of service I received from the writing center staff was excellent. They were knowledgeable, well trained, friendly, and supportive. *
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Strongly Agree
2) How often do you use the writing center? *
1 Never • 2 Rarely/Yearly • 3 Occasionally/Monthly • 4 Regularly/Weekly • 5 Very Often/Daily
Very Often
3) If we offered live, in person help, you would more likely to use the writing center. *
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4) If you would attend live, in person help, what time slots would work best for your schedule? *
5) The writing center was helpful (i.e., my writing improved, grades improved). *
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6) What was done well or what could we improve that would help you the most?
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