Seattle Lost Housing Info Gathering Survey
This is a survey to gather information from (former) landlords who sold or otherwise removed their Seattle rental(s) at some point in the last 5 years. Seattle Grassroots Landlords is using our website ( to tell the stories of all the small-scale, independent landlords who have left the Seattle market. Our hope is to use these stories to illustrate that housing providers are, in fact, leaving and to help drive the conversation about what can be done to invite high quality housing providers to stay in the Seattle market.

If you know other landlords who have left the Seattle market, we'd love to include their stories too! Please send this link to them to direct them to this survey If you have any questions for us, please send us a note at

Our survey has two parts. The first question is where you can tell us about your experience and perspective as a landlord. After that are are a series of questions to help us fill in some details.To get you started, here's an example of the kind of story we'd like to tell on our website from your response to the first question:
EXAMPLE - Hi, I'm Jack. Until this past January, my wife Jill and I had been landlords with a rental house in Wallingford. We also live in the neighborhood, which made keeping up with maintenance and management pretty convenient. We originally bought the rental 15 years ago as our first home together and we were able to hang onto it when we bought our next place, a little bit bigger one for our family, about 10 years ago. We've mostly had great and responsible tenants and have enjoyed our experience as landlords. We used to feel good about offering a well-priced home with a yard in a good location to people as an alternative to apartment options. Over the last few years though, the tone of local politics has become threatening, adversarial and sometimes hostile toward landlords. We like offering housing and from a financial perspective, it still would probably give us the best return for our investment. But we're not lawyers, we're not even professional property managers, and trying to keep up with all the legislative changes is a legitimate burden. Plus it feels like any moment we could inadvertently slip up on something we missed and end up with losses from a tenant taking advantage of us or punitive penalties, or both. We've never actually had a bad experience with a tenant, but the risks just seem to be accelerating and we decided it just doesn't make sense anymore. We sold the house in February to a young family who has moved in.

We'll work with you and the information you provide here to tell your story, something like this example. If your story (answer to question 1 below) looks ready to go, we'll post it to our website as you've written it. If we need to connect with you about it first, we'll get in touch over email.

Many thanks for sharing your story!
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Please tell us your story of being a landlord. Consider including: When and why did you get started with your rental(s)? Where and what kind of units were they? What was unique / good about renting from you? How involved were you with managing it / them. What was your overall experience as a landlord? What was your relationship with your tenants like? What made you decide to stop? Did you sell or repurpose your property?
What is your name?
May we use your real name publicly on our website? We encourage real names if you're comfortable, and also respect that you might not be.
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What is your email address? We won't make this public. We'll use it to correspond with you as needed about the information you provide.
If you're not already on it, may we add you to our email distribution list for news and action items related to small-scale housing providers? We won't flood your inbox or share your email address.
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What was the address(es) of the rental(s) in Seattle that you sold or stopped renting? We'd like to be able to verify facts about the property, such as sale date, to minimize accusations that our stories are inaccurate.
May we include the address(es) publicly on our website? We like to include them to help verify authenticity of our stories, but we understand if you'd rather not, such as if the address is your residence.
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What neighborhood(s) was your rental in?
What city council district(s) was your rental in?
What type of rental(s) did you have?
How long had you rented out your unit(s)?
When did you stop using your property as rentals?
Was your rental(s) registered with the RRIO?
Which of these were significant factors in your decision to take your rental(s) off the market?
What became of your rental(s)?
Would you be willing to speak with government officials or other influential people about your experiences and perspective as a housing provider?
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What else would you like to tell us, clarify about any of your answers above, or ask us?
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