Squash Registrations 2019
If you are keen to play squash for MAGS please register below.

Games are played:-
Premier, Open A Boys - Friday PM
Open B Boys - Wednesday PM
Open A & B Girls & Junior Girls & Boys - Monday PM

Players are to either wear their MAGS PE Uniform or purchase a White 'Inferno' Top $45 and Navy 'Clipper' Shorts $33 from the Lions' Den Uniform Shop - teams have to all wear the same uniform.

Trial Dates:
Monday 1st April - 3.30pm - 5pm - Boys
Monday 8th April - 3.30pm - 5pm - Girls

*Entries close on Friday 12th April

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Student Declaration * I agree to: * adhere to the school rules and follow the MAGS Way. * to abide by the FAIR PLAY CODE. * always wear the correct (and clean) uniform. * return all school issued sports uniforms and gear at the end of the season. *
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Parent/Caregiver Declaration *I fully support: * the above student participating in the selected sport/s. * will ensure that he/she meets the above requirements and rules set out by MAGS. * will pay the cost of any school sports gear that is not returned, lost or damaged * Agree to pay the fee that will be set (Approx $30) *
Parent/Caregiver Help *If a parent or relative is able to supervise/manage a squash team could you please contact Maxine Johns on 846-2044 ext 8136 or Email: mjohns@mags.school.nz *
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