AsIAm Survey for Student's - Missing School
In recent months, AsIAm has been contacted by lots of people with Autism, and their families, who are currently not in school full-time

We want to learn more about this experience and to highlight it during World Autism Awareness Month.

We are asking Autistic students who are presently not attending school full-time, to complete the below survey.

We realise this issue is complex and so we have deliberately provided plenty of opportunities to answer "Other" or to give us additional information about your experience - please do use this where needed.

We ask for your first name and email at the start of the survey - this is not for publication or distribution and will not be quoted anywhere. It is simply for us to be able to verify the number of completed surveys and to contact you if we want to learn more about your experiences. A key challenge in this area is there is no official number of students with Autism who are out of school - we hope to try and find a number through this survey and that is why verification is so important.

Except when otherwise stated, all questions in this survey refer to your current or most recent school.

We hope you will join us in highlighting this important human rights issue during World Autism Awareness Month.

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