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The above video illustrates a very new methodology i.e. Augmented Reality (AR) . It is similar to the Pokemon Go Game that you might have played. It scans an image of a Teaching Aid and it projects a full on interactive display on your screen. You can see the Teaching Aid, get hands on learning and can try multiple experiments on it. On a scale of 1(Not at all) to 5 (Extremely excited), how excited are you to use this on a daily basis for your course? *
How would you rate this sort of application , in therms of usefulness for learning any concept? *
Assuming that the real life model of the illustrations that were shown in the earlier videos, is already demonstrated by the teacher in your class room. Now what would be the best way to recall and recap the same concept at home, while revising the topic? Rate Accordingly ! *
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I would like to get the access of that AR App that you showed
I would like to get the videos of the Models that you showed
Just the written content either hardcopy or digital would work for me
Class room demonstration is sufficient enough
Suppose that for that AR app you will have about 30 models that will be mapped according to your classroom curriculum for science.Do you think your parents would be interested in paying for the subscription of that app? *
If Yes, then how much do you think that your parents can spend on the subscription of this app for a year long plan?
To experience this demo AR App that includes Heart, Newtons's Cradle and Sodium and Chloride Ion Formation, please send your wtsapp mobile number so that we can share you the app download link! (Not Compulsory )
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