Screwing the Crew all male version
A Week in Norway: Signup form to play the all male (-identifying and non-binary) run of Screwing the Crew . This is a larp about an ordinary dinner party among an open-minded group of friends. They go way back, and a lot of them are or have been in relationships with each other. Open relationships are the norm rather than monogamous ones. This is the story of the friends today, with flashbacks played out during the larp to give a backstory.

The larp has been run several times before across the world, but this time there’s a twist: For Week-In there will be two runs, one for female-identifying players, and one for male-identifying players. What happens when a queer circle of friends meet for a dinner party and old rivalries awaken and love rekindles?”

The larp will be run on Monday the 20th of February, 17:00, and it ncludes a meal (menu not yet set) and a couple of alcohol free beers. You are free to bring some alcohol for the larp, but we are not planning on getting drunk at the venue.

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