Roy High Parking Permit Application 2022-2023
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Roy High School Parking Regulations
In order to provide proper safety and control, student parking regulations have been established.  ALL STUDENT PARKING WILL BE IN THE EAST AND NORTH PARKING LOTS.  All student vehicles parked in the Roy High School parking lots MUST display a CURRENT student parking decal in the window.  The purchase of a parking pass does not guarantee you a parking space.  All vehicles parked in our lots should be locked and not contain items of value.  Roy High is not responsible for items that are stolen or vehicles that are damaged.  Any vehicle suspected of harboring illegal substances is subject to search by the administration. Vehicles are NOT allowed to park in numbered parking stalls, fire lanes, on sidewalks, on the grass, in No Parking zones, in the driver’s education area after 3:00 p.m., in visitor’s/handicapped slots, or block any access lanes such as those for emergency vehicles or deliveries.  Numbered parking stalls are reserved for faculty, staff, substitute teachers and visitors. ANY VEHICLE ILLEGALLY PARKED IS SUBJECT TO TICKETING, TOWING or BOOTING AT THE DRIVER'S EXPENSE, WITHOUT WARNING!  Students parked in the visitor or handicapped areas marked in front of the school may be towed. Parking violations will result in a $10.00 citation.

I hereby agree to abide by all rules and regulations pertaining to the use of Roy High parking lots. I am fully aware of all consequences if found in violation of the rules. *
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