Building Solutions for Brighter Futures Nomination
To commemorate our 30th anniversary, Building Solutions is committed to a year-long campaign, entitled “Building Solutions for Brighter Futures,” in hopes of bringing awareness to the inequities in school facilities and champion successful learning environments for Prekindergarten to 12th grade students in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our goal is to close the growing gap in academic achievement for underserved students in North Texas and model how such a focus can be applied elsewhere. Through Building Solutions’ social justice and education equity campaign, we seek to construct a better future for scholars by providing 3,000 hours to 30 different schools in the North Texas area. An allocation of that time will be focused on facility equity assessments of participating PreK-12 schools to help identify critical deficiencies in their facilities and operating practices that impact health and learning.

Each assessment will include a one-day site observation, where educational facilities will be reviewed to determine their conduciveness to learning, along with an evaluation of major building systems, such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, interiors, exteriors, and mobility access. The assessment will also forecast capital needed to address priorities of the next three years. Once the facility equity assessments conclude, Building Solutions will meet with participating schools to discuss common findings and share operational best practices to help schools improve and better plan their facilities management. In addition, the program will include a mentorship program for facility leaders and staff, where Building Solutions will share expertise, resources, and tools to help maintain and preserve equitable learning environments.

The “Building Solutions for Brighter Futures” program is open to all schools types, including public, charter, private, and parochial. The building nominated must be at least 10 years old, used for education activities for students in prekindergarten to 12th grade, and in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. We are looking for buildings that have potential for major improvement as learning environments and are currently serving students who are historically underserved and under-resourced.

Applications received will be reviewed and up to 30 schools that meet the qualifications will be accepted into the program. If more than 30 qualified schools apply, we will select 30 by lottery. Applicants may be contacted for clarifications. All applicants will be notified when the selections have been made.

If you are interested in submitting your school for consideration, please complete this form as accurately as possible. Approximations are acceptable.

You may learn more about the "Building Solutions for Brighter Futures" campaign at
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