PS 340 School Tours - Fall 2020-2021


Thank you for your interest in PS 340. You may register below for a school tour for the 2020 - 2021 school year.

Please keep in mind:
- Our tours start at 4:00 p.m. and run about 75 minutes.
- Children (except for carried infants) are not permitted on the tour.
- The last two tours are for Pre-K families only, as they take place after K applications are due.
- Please do not sign up for a tour unless your child is entering pre-k or kindergarten next year.
- Please schedule yourself for only one tour.
- Please bring ID with you.
- You will NOT receive a confirmation e-mail right away but I will send out an email two weeks in advance of the tour to confirm in case your plans have changed.

We are sorry, but due to time constraints, we are unable to schedule individual tours, meetings or student visits. If you have any questions, then email Reni, the Parent Coordinator, at, or see our website

School Tour Dates - 4:00 pm *
November 21 (CLOSED)
December 11 (Kindergarten)

February 5 (Pre-K)
February 26 (Pre-K)

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