Each Anglican Church in Melbourne is required to maintain an electoral roll.  Persons entitled to have their names placed on the roll are only those who are at least 18 years of age who are baptised, regularly attend worship at this Church and have signed an application seeking to be included on the roll.  No person is entitled to be on the roll of more than one Church.

Every year in November the Church has an Annual Meeting, only those who are named on the roll are able to vote or be nominated to various positions in the Church.

Only persons not already enrolled need to sign this application.  To check whether you are already on the roll, please contact Adam: 
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I declare that I have attained the age of eighteen years and attend the church of St Catharine’s Caulfield South. I have been baptised and do not belong to any religious body which is not in communion with the Anglican Church of Australia.I hereby apply to be entered on the Church electoral roll in respect of St Catharine’s Church of the Parish of Caulfield South in the Diocese of Melbourne where for the period of the last three months at least I have habitually attended public worship.  I declare that my name is not on a Church electoral roll of any other Parish in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.
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