PlayPark Year-End Awards for Players 1
Hey there, Gamer!
Let's put the spotlight on YOU and your favorite GMs. At PPXP 2021 this December 18th, we will be recognizing the outstanding players and PlayPark GMs that YOU voted for. So fill up this form to make your voice heard.

First up, use this form to pick your fellow players who you think should be worthy of this year's awards.
Secondly, follow that up by choosing the amazing GMs and game moderators you think performed wonderfully this past year of 2021.
To learn more about this event, just visit our website right here -

Rest assured that we'll keep your information private when you fill up this form. Only authorized persons from PlayPark will see the responses and they will be used just for this event.

So, get thinking!
What is your PlayPark game? *
Ano ang PlayPark game na nilalaro mo?
What is Your Name? *
Ano ang Pangalan mo?
What is Your Ingame Name? *
Ano ang Pangalan na gamit mo sa Game o ang iyong Character Name?
What is Your Game Server? Put NA if not applicable. *
Saang server ng iyong PlayPark game ka naglalaro? Kung walang server ang iyong game, ilagay lamang ang NA.
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This number will be used to contact you for further information about the event and for sending out prizes if any.
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