Family EdCamp Session Survey
Harrisburg Families:

Please select 10 SESSIONS below you and your spouse (if applicable) are most interested in attending during Family EdCamp. By completing this survey, you are helping us plan how we will use space and identify sessions we will attempt to offer more frequently.

Skinny sessions will last 25 minutes and In-depth sessions will last 50 minutes. Depending on the session lengths, participants may be able to attend as many as six session.

You are not commiting to attending any specific session at this point. You will have the ability to choose sessions most relevant to your family's needs the day of the event. If you hear about an interesting or powerful session during the event, you will have the freedom to attend different sessions as appropriate.

Thank you for your input.

Family EdCamp Planning Team

Choose 10 Sessions you & your spouse (if applicable) are most interested in attending at Family EdCamp. *
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