ISAL VI Application
The IASA School for Advanced Leadership (ISAL) is a cohort experience designed to
provide IASA members experiences that build exemplary leadership, knowledge,
and skill sets essential for ensuring successful student learning at the local level.

By returning this application, you are committing to participating in the ISAL VI Cohort, should your application be approved and accepted. Completed applications must be submitted by Friday, February 5, 2021. Participation in the ISAL VI cohort will be finalized no later than March 1, 2021 and all applicants will be notified via email.

Please submit the completed application using this form. The required documentation list below in #'s 3 and 4 (e.g., letter from Board of Education President and personal narrative), must be emailed directly to Dr. Gary Zabilka at

ISAL VI admission requirements are set forth as follows:

1. Applicant is an IASA member and practicing administrator.

2. Applicant must be able to attend all eight ISAL VI cohort meetings as part of the two-year program. The dates for ISAL VI are as follows:

- April 8-10, June 18-19, August 27-28, October 29-30, 2021
- January 14-15, March 4-5, May 13-14, June 17-18, 2022

3. Applicant must provide a letter from the President of the Board of Education from the district, indicating support for and understanding of the commitment involved.

4. Applicant must provide a personal narrative indicating 1) the reason s/he is making application to the ISAL VI program, 2) what s/he hopes to gain from the program, and 3) what s/he can contribute to the other cohort members. This personal narrative should be limited to two, double-spaced pages and should be submitted with the application.

5. Applicant must complete all information accurately and honestly.

6. Applicant agrees to pay $5,500 for the two-year experience. (Note: Payment can be split over two fiscal years but the applicant agrees to pay the full $5,500. Due to the nature of this program, no refunds will be given and all applicants must pay the program tuition regardless of successful completion.)

7. Applicant understands the commitment to the time schedule away from the current school District to effectively participate in this program. There is an attendance requirement of being present at a minimum of 7 of the 8 sessions.

8. Applicant agrees to cooperate and fully participate in the coaching element of the program, as well as agree to comply with all outside work expected between sessions. (Note: The expectations to complete this learning experience are very reasonable but there will be work between sessions and it is an expectation that ISAL VI cohort members attend the cohort gatherings and fully participate in the coaching experiences.)
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