The Crush Blog - Pitch/Guest Writer Form
Want to pitch an idea for The Crush Blog? OR Want to write for us but cannot commit to be a contributing writer? Then this is the form for you!

Here are the kinds of things you can pitch to our writers:
Song/Album Premieres (2 to 4 weeks in advance please)
Songwriter/Industry Members to be interviewed

Here are some topics you can pitch as a one-time writer:

Educational Materials (400-600 words)
Educational Materials includes marketing tips, networking guidelines, statistics about the industry, etc. Ideal format here varies; you may find it easier to write a top-ten-checklist for “How To Write a Killer E-Mail” while others may find it easier to write about “Feminism in Music” in a standard paragraph-essay format.

Experiences (300-600 words)
Real experiences by real women artists. Personal essays that will help inspire other women or help them feel like they aren’t alone

If you have something else to pitch, please let us know! If it's a good fit, we'll get back to you within a week. Thank you!
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