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HELLO! Please sign up to add yourself to our "Foster Roster" through, and we will contact you if a great potential foster dog for you becomes available.

Foster Dogs Inc. is comprised of a group of volunteers (who happen to be dog lovers), who help create the bridge between people who WANT to help dogs with dogs who NEED a home! This Foster Roster helps us connect willing foster homes with rescue groups in need.

Read more about our Foster Roster: Read our FOSTER MANUAL and supplemental materials:



PRIVACY: By applying to Foster Dogs Inc's "Foster Roster," your information will remain private (entered on an "https" Google Drive spreadsheet). Foster Dogs will only share your information with the particular rescue affiliate upon your offer to foster. We will not otherwise share your application with third parties. All Foster Roster applications are property of Foster Dogs Inc and function as an internal resource.

PARTICIPATION & REMOVAL: You will typically not receive more than one Foster Roster outreach weekly. Foster Dogs will remove you from the list after 5 unanswered attempts, in order to keep our list targeted towards motivated applicants. You may ask to be removed at any time from this list by emailing us with your request. info [at]

APPLICATION PROCESS & RESCUE LIABILITY: While we will keep track of the progress of any dog on our site, we do not handle the foster (or adoption) approval process, as that is the duty of the rescue group or shelter. Information is provided to us by the participating rescue organization. Once you begin communication with the rescuer responsible for a specific dog (a third party), we are here for questions/comments/suggestions, but it becomes the responsibility of the rescue organization to continue the conversation and to review your application. Read MORE about the Foster Roster:


When you receive an email to foster a dog, we ask that you have an open mind and open heart! Fostering is not always easy, but it's pretty amazing.

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You MUST be 18 years old in order to complete this form. If you are under 18, your guardians must complete the form and will take on the bulk of the responsibility of fostering. -- NOTE: Some rescue groups require foster volunteers to be 21+.
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Do you have any pets? *
Check all that apply. NOTE: Pets that remain in tanks do *not* count for this question (i.e. fish, small lizards, turtles). If you are uncertain that your pets are dog-friendly, please email us with further questions.
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Some dogs should not live with young children due to size/training/personality
How long would the foster dog be alone?
ON AVERAGE, how long would the dog be alone during the workweek? NOTE: If you are away for more than 8 hours a day you should consider hiring a dog walker or have someone check in on the dog. Some rescue organizations offer discounted dog walks.
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Roommates, Spouse, Children, Parents (if under 18). Let us know names of other applicants you're applying with, such as boyfriend/girlfriend. If you live alone, write N/A.
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Special Foster Programs: Fospice & Operation Foster Bound *
FOSPICE :: Check below if you are interested in hearing about opportunities to become a "forever foster" caretaker for a Fospice dog in his/her final months. More about our program: OPERATION FOSTER BOUND :: Check below if you are interested in being a long-term foster caretaker to a dog who's having a hard time getting adopted (ex: needs training, medical concern, lack of publicity) through our OFB program. ---- NOTE: Medical care is covered by the participating rescue group for each dog, not by the foster caretaker.
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(By accepting this agreement, you also accept our Terms & Conditions at top) ---> Fostering a dog is not always easy. There may be challenging moments when caring for a new dog, but remember that IT GETS EASIER within a few days, and that your foster dog NEEDS YOU. When you commit to fostering for a certain duration of time, please keep your word (barring emergencies). There may be chewed shoes, there may be accidents, and you might be woken up at odd hours sometimes. It's normal! ----> Advice for new foster parents:: & Download our Foster Manual: Main email:
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