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Company Information
Please provide details about your company such as sphere, size, key products/services, history, price range, USP(unique selling proposition),what's in it for the customer, etc. *
Target Audience
What does your client look like. E.G. age, gender, lifestyle, income, interests etc. *
Provide examples of your competitors, the more the better. Talk about what you like about their style and what you don't like.  *
The company's style.
What do you actually need to be developed or refreshed. E.G. Logo, style, business card, stands, brochures, clothing style, etc. *
The purpose of development of company's style. Tell us why you need a certain company style. And if you already have one then why did you decide to change it? *
Very important!
Please provide several examples of different styles other companies used and explain why you liked or disliked them. Provide at least 3 examples with in-depth explanations. *
Terms and costs
Please tell us what is approximate time limit for the development and how much are you prepared to pay. *
Brand Identity
Any particular requirements to the brand identity. Will it be bright or strict. Geometrical or creative. What colours are necessary and which ones should be avoided. Do you need multiple languages for all elements.
Additional Information
Any additional information or requests from you. Anything that you feel wasn't covered and that you would like to communicate goes here.
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