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At Ness, Lifegroups continue to be a core ministry of the church. Through Lifegroups we have the opportunity to learn together, grow together, fellowship together and minister to each other. During this time of Covid our Lifegroup ministry will look a little differnet. We will be meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:00 on Zoom as the entire church body. The Zoom meeting will begin with a few minutes of checking in with each other and saying "hi!" Following that, we will break into random small groups for 5 minutes. These random groups are a great way to get to know people you may not have met before or talked to. After that time, Pastor Jeremy will give a brief re-cap of the sermon from the previous Sunday and lay out 2 or 3 questions for Lifegroups to discuss. Once that is done, we will break into our Lifegroups to discuss the questions and pray for one another. If your Lifegroup would like to meet in person beyond these meetings, you are free to do so as long as physical distancing measures are in place as per the Government of Manitoba guidlines. A copy of these guidlines can be provided to you.

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