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This form is both the Consent Form & Registration for Community Development Programmes.
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The foundation will from time to time use photographs or videos taken during our courses on social media for promotional purposes, please state whether you consent to the use of any photographs or videos being on social media *
Please state if you agree to the foundation contacting you about our programme(s) via email or social media *
I give permission for myself/child to receive first aid for any injuries sustained during the session *
I acknowledge that Crawley Town FC Foundation staff are only responsible for participants whilst attending CT Foundation courses and cannot be held responsible for their welfare once they have left the site. *
I agree to the information above and can confirm I have provided the correct information where necessary. *
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Once you complete this form, you will be fully signed up. Please ensure your child is equipped with a water bottle and appropriate clothing/footwear for the session. No confirmation will be sent to you, see you at the session *
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