Step 2 Multifamily Insurance Questionnaire
Please provide answers to the following questions. When received, we will review and follow up with any questions that need clarification or additional information. If you have any questions at any point, please call or email 503-504-7619 or
Building Owner Name *
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Entity type *
Date business started
Employer Identification Number (EIN)
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Mail Address
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Contact Name *
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Phone *
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Email *
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Current Insurance
Please provide answers to following insurance questions.
Number of Claims in past 5 years
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In the past 5 yrs has any insurance coverage been canceled, or non-renewed?
Name of current Insurance Company providing coverage
Your answer
Current policy Expiration date
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The questions below pertain to your management and leasing.
Is Management on site?
If off-site, how often are on-site visits conducted?
Who performs the following work?
Snow Removal
Grounds Maintenance
Street & Roads Maintenance
Owners Employee
Property Manager
Independent Contractor
Management performed by *
If Management is performed by Contracted Property Management, please provide name of property management company.
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Number of Evictions in last 12 months
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Class of Residents *
Tenant Screening - please check all that apply
Rental Agreement
For each of the following questions, please provide Yes or No answer.
Tenants are required to sign an annual Lease for the first year?
Lease recommends or requires the tenant obtain Renters Insurance?
Are Gas grills required to be at least 10' from any combustible building?
Are Charcoal grills allowed at any location?
The questions below pertain to the building you are requesting insurance for.
Physical Address *
Your answer
Number of Buildings *
Your answer
Number of Units *
Your answer
Number of Vacant Units
Your answer
Annual Rents *
Your answer
Total building Square Feet *
Your answer
Number of Stories above ground *
Your answer
Square feet of basement
Your answer
Construction type *
Year built *
Your answer
If building is older than 25 years, please provide year and description of most recent replacement for the following Building Systems:
Your answer
Your answer
Your answer
Your answer
Any Uncorrected fire & safety code violations?
What is the primary source of Heat for the building? *
Is the property Non Smoking *
Smoke Detector & CO2 Detector - check the applicable option *
Hard wired
10 yr Lithium Battery
Smoke Detector
CO2 Detector
Does the building have Fire Alarm Pull Stations? *
Is building equipped with a fire suppression Sprinkler System? *
Is Security Patrol service provided?
Recreation Amenities
Recreation - check all that are present
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