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This is a beginner's class in Feri, but Feri is not your garden variety tradition so students should have some knowledge (and conversation) with other forms of the craft or other areas of the western mystical tradition in order to have a point of reference. Students of other teachers are also welcome. We ask only that you set aside what you think you know while you learn a thing to allow space for new understanding, even if the material is familiar from other Feri classes.

Class will take place via facebook group and occasional google hangouts. What happens in class stays in class. Do not share outside of class - either the class materials or the discussion. The permissions of the FB group will ensure that posts to the group do not show up in your feed and non-group members cannot see group activity.

The material can be difficult. The deeper you push into it, the more you will get out of it. You will have the group to support you if you choose to go deeply. Students must check in with the group at least once a week to tell the class how your studies are going and how life is treating you. Mutual sharing allows you to have a place to vent or share about your Work, allows other students to know that what they are sharing is falling upon understanding ear and allows teachers and mentors to understand where you are with the material. Students who are unable to participate may be asked to try again at a later date.

Duration is eighteen months for all three sections: beginner, lessons 1-5; intermediate, lessons 6-11; advanced, lessons 12-18. There is one lesson per month with reading and assignments in each lesson. The class is fast paced. You must keep up and do the work of each lesson. However, there is lots of time once class is over or during lessons that are easier for you to go back and get a better understanding of previous lessons - and, if you find the timing is not right for you, you can always take a step back and try again another class.

This class could be one component of but not the whole of a potential initiation path and as such, initiation is not guaranteed. Initiations must be offered by an initiate unrequested.

There are several initiate teachers/mentors in the class. You will give us your top picks and then you will be assigned, hopefully in accordance with your picks, but maybe to allow for an even class distribution. You are always welcome to reach out to any initiate teacher/mentor, regardless of who your assigned teacher/mentor is. Your teacher/mentor will check in with you should you go dark or can help you with stucks or challenges you're having with the work. Student groups assigned to teacher/mentors may be shuffled around periodically based upon student attrition.

Texts (required):
1. The Dustbunnies' Big Damn Handout Book by Valerie Walker (PDF free), available at :
2. The Big Damn Coloring Book by Valerie Wallker, available at :

Cost for the class is, as always, free.

The class will be bilingual in English and Brazilian Portuguese, to accommodate the many Feri students in Brazil who do not speak much English. Apologies for weird Portuguese you may find while a few generous bunnies work to tranlate it correctly for me. There will be Brazilian Feri initiates assisting with the class and Facebook does a great job of translating real-time so do please use whatever language you are most comfortable with in the group.

The work you will do in this training is physically and emotionally demanding. You need to be in reasonably good physical condition and emotionally stable to participate. Persons suffering from any significant health problem, limitation, or psychological problem should not participate without prior full disclosure to us.

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The attached questionnaire is for anyone joining the online class or subscribing. This is mandatory. It's my way of finding out how far along people are, how fragile and vulnerable in terms of doing Feri work (which is depth work on your own stuff that can bring up all kinds of psychic and psychological things for which you're unprepared), and whether people are really ready for it.

Please leave at least 1 hour to answer these questions. You will not be able to stop and pick up where you left off. If you don't have the time, come back later when you do.

Please answer all of the questions honestly and completely. Your answers will be held in confidence barring extraordinary circumstances in which you or others are in danger.

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Number of children and ages (include babies on the way, if you are a pregnant person) *
What do you hope to gain from this class? *
Before answering this question I would like to tell you that it can be very valuable preparation for your participation in the training for you to look deeply into these areas, so I ask that you give this question a lot of attention. Describe any experiences, past to present, that have had a significant impact on your life.(Big changes, transitions, traumas etc...) Also notice your feelings and thoughts regarding your roles and identity of being a man or a woman and toward your relationships with your own and other genders. Where are your areas of comfort? Of pain? What are your desires? *
What are your current spiritual practices? Please list any spiritual groups you have been involved with (ie: OTO, Golden Dawn, mainstream Wicca,etc.) and any Feri teachers with whom you are currently, have studied or plan to study with. *
Describe any current of historical physical challenges or health problems (mental or physical) *
If you are currently in therapy, please fill in the type of therapy, how long you've been in therapy, when your last session was and your reason for going. If not, type N/A. *
Have you ever taken the Bunnies class before? If so, based upon your experience, what is or would be most helpful to you in learning the material?
Are you currently using any form of controlled substances? (i.e. alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other)? If so, please indicate what and how often. If not, type N/A. *
Is there anything else you'd like for me to know? *
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Release of Liability
For the purposes of this document, "Teachers" refers to Valerie Walker, Compost Coven, Inc., its managers, members, officers, directors, agents, employees, facilitators, staff, volunteers, successors as well as mentors or teachers of Dustbunnies material.

The Dustbunnies Feri Training is designed for students to experience themselves as fully alive, connected (to self, others, and spirit), self-expressed, and acknowledged for who they are. The program is challenging, exciting, and, at times, mentally stressful for some participants. There may be times during the training that a student experiences discomfort or emotions such as sadness or anger.

The work of the Dustbunnies Feri Training is intended to impact all four aspects or realms of a human being: body, emotions, mind, and spirit. This is accomplished through various processes which may include: physical, sensory, and emotional release exercises; guided meditations; group exercises, sharing and discussions; and self-paced rituals. Throughout the training, a participant may experience thoughts, feelings or sensations that are new or have not been explored thoroughly before. This can be exciting and fascinating, or it can prove to be challenging as negative patterns in one’s life are revealed. It is perfectly normal to experience a moderate degree of nervousness or apprehension prior to participating in Feri studies

Throughout this training, you will be encouraged to participate fully and in some of the exercises or processes go beyond what you think are your limitations. Nonetheless, your level of participation during the program will always be respected. As a participant, you must remember that it is your sole responsibility to look out for your physical and mental well-being at all times during the program. If, in your best judgment, you need to stop or “lighten up” your participation in an exercise or process to protect your health or well-being, you always have the freedom, as well as the responsibility, to do so.

Feri work is evolutionary in nature and may result in profound emotional or spiritual changes that may significantly affect a student’s lifestyle and relationships with family, friends, and society in general. At times, the work can be quite demanding physically, emotionally and spiritually. To participate in the Dustbunnies' Feri training, you need to be in good physical and emotional condition. If you are not in good physical condition or you are not mentally and emotionally stable enough to face deep-seated feelings and emotions, it may not be in your best interest to participate in this training. If you have any doubt about your emotional or physical ability to participate, please consult a mental health professional or a physician.

Persons with any significant health problem, physical limitation or psychological problem should not participate in the training without prior full disclosure to Teachers and, if so required, the consultation and written approval of a licensed physician, therapist or qualified mental health professional. All persons, including persons with any such health problems or limitations, undertake participation in Feri work at their own risk. In the event that you need medical attention during our Feri work, it will be your responsibility to acquire and pay for whatever medical attention and services you

All participants, staff, volunteers and facilitators of the Dustbunnies training will be asked to respect the privacy and confidentiality of everyone else’s communications. Nonetheless, there is no way to guarantee that such privacy and confidentiality will be honored. Your signature below constitutes acknowledgment by you that you understand that Teachers cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your communications. Your signature below also constitutes your agreement not to disclose the private communications of the other participants of the training. Naturally, you are free and encouraged to share your own personal experience of the program without disclosing the content or communications
expressed during the training.

I have read and understand the above information. I have been advised that strenuous physical and emotional work are part of the Dustbunnies Feri training and that such activities may aggravate a physical and /or mental health condition that I may have had in the past, or presently possess, whether or not such condition was listed on my participant questionnaire. I choose to participate in the program in spite of this possibility. I acknowledge that this choice is entirely voluntary on my part; I have been in no way pressured or coerced into making this decision.

I take full responsibility for any possible consequences to my health and well-being that result from participation in the Dustbunnies online Feri training, and I release Teachers of any and all liability for any injury, illness, damage or loss resulting from, or in any way connected with, my participation in Dustbunnies Feri training or any of its follow-up programs, workshops or seminars. This release of liability shall exclude any claims of gross negligence. I agree that if, during the course of the training, I encounter a problem in any of the areas described above in this document, I will immediately ask for support and will seek professional help if needed during or after the course of training.

I am voluntarily participating in Feri training with full knowledge of all the potential risks described above, including the physical, emotional and psychological risks. I agree to assume these risks and accept any consequences of my participation in the Dustbunnies online Feri training and further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Teachers and assigns of any and all liability for any and all claims arising from my participation in class activities and programs or as a result of illness or injury to me. I verify my assumption of risk and consent to the type of physical contact or interaction
described above by signing where indicated below.

I have carefully read this Release of Liability and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and assumption of risk by me, and I sign this document of my own free will.

I represent that I am over 18 years of age and competent to execute this document.

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