A Peer Review Form for Evaluating Writing of Sanskrit E- Journal
WELCOME and Thank you in Sarasvat Niketanam family.

In this Section, You should have information regarding this form and the relevance of the form. There are 11 sections.


(इयं संस्कृतगङ्गा पुरा कदाचित् इह भारते अजस्रं प्रवहन्ती पुनरपि लोकहिताय देवलोकात् अवतारणीया इति धिया एव अयं प्रयासः।)

i. Jahnavi Sanskrit E Journal A portal of Sarasvat Niketanam (www.sarasvatniketanam.org )
ii. ISSN 0976-8645
iii. UGC Sl No 41039
iv. UGC CARE- Requested
v. Copy right (paid) from GoI
vi. Impact Factor- Journal Factor Detail http://www.jifactor.org/journal_view.php?journal_id=4254
vii. URL- www.jahnavisanskritejournal.in
viii. UGC CARE- Applied on 23.7.19
ix. E-Mail- jahnavisanskritjournal@gmail.com, bipinkumarjhaofficialid@gmail.com

B. Process-

1.Now You need not to fill the Word file. Just a CLICK will complete the process. It has three parts Your Email, Article's detail, REVIEW PART. You NEED to complete one by one. It will take MAX-10 Minutes.

2. Before filling this form you need to check the CONCERNED PAPER (Sent to you) manually.

3. If You have not received paper for review check your mail and send a text mail for paper.

4. Please keep (the report) confidential .

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