Export Centers Company Ltd
ECCL is in the process of developing a database whereby Artisans can be registered with ECCL as we broaden our reach to existing and new artisans. Part of our new strategic plan is build a database in order to facilitate, advertise and acquire sales on behalf of artisans based on their craft.

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) incorporated the Export Centres Company Limited (ECCL) as a limited liability company on July 3rd, 1996. ECCL is a State Agency under the purview of the Ministry of Sport and Community Development geared towards developing the craft sector by training citizens to become certified craft entrepreneurs, thus contributing to economic diversification through the creation of sustainable employment in the craft industry. ECCL continues to be transformed into a sustainable avenue for the facilitation of commercially viable community craft businesses in Trinidad and Tobago. Since coming into existence, ECCL has played a key role in equipping persons to become micro- entrepreneurs through its certified craft training programs. As one of the key agencies of the Ministry of Sport and Community Development, ECCL ensures that craft development and the revitalization of the craft industry are at the forefront of sustainable community development and by extension, national development. The existence of ECCL provides a platform for economic diversification and the creation of sustainable employment. This is even more critical given the pandemic and downturn of the oil and gas sector of Trinidad and Tobago. It is of key importance for other sectors to play a role in attaining economic growth and diversification, sustainable employment and revenue generation. Therefore we are building our network in order to facilitate revenue generation not just locally, but internationally by working alongside key partners such as Export TT to facilitate the export opportunities of our craft industry.
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