Lindbergh Schools Incident Reporting Form
This form does NOT automatically collect the email address or identifying information of the reporter. However, including your name and contact information below enables school officials to follow up during or after the investigation. This form will be automatically sent to the administrator or designee of the appropriate school to begin an investigation into the reported incident.

If this is an emergency and you need immediate help, please call one of the following:

Police/Ambulance: 911
Suicide Hotline: 314-647-4357 (HELP)
Behavioral Health Response (mental health crisis): 314-469-6644

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Bullying is a pattern of intimidation, unwanted aggressive behavior, or harassment. It is repeated or very likely to be repeated. It occurs where there is unequal power between the individuals involved. Bullying includes physical actions; oral, written, or electronic communication; or threats of retaliation for reporting such acts. Are you reporting bullying? *
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