OpenStack Upstream Assistants and Mentors
A vital component of the OpenStack Upstream training is hands on assistance during class and follow up mentoring after class.  We are collecting a list of willing and eager volunteers who will help our training in Tokyo succeed.
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IRC name
Your job description (developer, system administrator, etc)
Areas of Expertise in OpenStack
Students will select areas of interest.  We will try to match students to mentors with similar areas of interest.
Can you help in class on October 25-26 in Tokyo?
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Can you mentor students weekly after class is over?
We like to schedule one hour per week per student for mentoring, and we schedule this time until they successfully land their first patch.  Select how many hours your are willing to dedicate toward mentoring.
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Language Proficiency
OpenStack is a multicultural community.  Material in class is presented in English, but proficiency in other languages can be helpful when communicating with students.
Are you subscribed to the openstack-community mailing list?
We use the openstack-community mailing list to organize the Upstream training.  If you aren't subscribed already, please do so now!
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Are you in the #upstream-university IRC channel on freenode?
We use #upstream-university on freenode to teach students the basics of IRC.  Hanging out there may be helpful.
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