Cooperation: the social representation
Hello. This form comes from a scientific research which analyzes qualitatively the social representation of the word "cooperation", in order to apply the findings to have better social methods and enhance the possibility to raise group, collective and social intelligence.
What does this mean?
It means that a team of experts is conducting a research that is not "numeric" (quantitative) but it is about how people mindsets think about a word: "cooperation". If we know how people interpret the "cooperation" meaning, we will know how to better boost the good parts of doing things together and cooperatively and avoid those ideas of "cooperation" that are not really cooperative.
We are also analyzing which conditions let a true cooperation to be set, like trust, care, freedom of choice, etc.
We hope you would be interested in this questionnaire as it is very simple and quick, but could make you think about your perception of the word "cooperation".
Please answer freely to the following questions:
You shouldn't give a "right" answer. Just go with the flow and write whatever you feel you want to write.
What is the meaning of cooperation? *
We don't need a definition, unless you may want to write it. We want you to feel free to write what you think about "cooperation".
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Can you tell me an example of cooperation that happened in your life? *
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What is the context about your cooperation example? *
What is the context (see previous question) name? *
Example: "Me and my wife", "My family", "The City of Rome", "The Dolphin's friends" etc.
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How did you feel about your cooperation episode, do you have a good memory of it? *
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