MHATS Spring 2021 Application
Mental Health Advocacy Through Storytelling (or MHATS) is a group of Anchorage high-school-age students who tell stories of mental health triumphs in order to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness and open up conversations.

Over ten meetings, we learn to tell true and personal 5-7 minute stories in the style of Arctic Entries/Storyworks/the Moth. We also learn advocacy skills-- how to stand up for yourself and others. In addition to storytelling, in this session, we will be learning about what mental health education looks like in schools and advocating for House Bill 60, which would put K-12 mental health education into Alaska State law.

Everything about our group is youth-led: we were founded by a group of juniors/seniors from across ASD, and everyone contributes to MHATS operations.

MHATS isn't a replacement for a support system or therapy, more of a place to create a narrative about your mental health journey!

If you care about mental health, have a story to tell, or are interested in gaining new skills, join us!
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