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Here you can register one or more ZIPKEA units at once.

EACH ZIPKEA UNIT MUST BE REGISTERED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF DELIVERY DATE to meet annual recertification requirements. Failure to register each ZIPKEA unit will also void the manufacturer’s warranty.

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ZIPKEA is not compatible with all zipline courses. Each zipline course that uses ZIPKEA must meet all requirements and follow all operating instructions specified in this manual. *
Installers are responsible for determining the best Reset Distance for each ZIPKEA. *
ZIPKEA must be stationary when riders make contact in order to function properly. *
Rider weight limit for all ZIPKEA models is 285 pounds *
Rider speed varies for each model: ZIPKEA 8-wheel: Maximum speed of 25 mph; Average speed under 15 mph ZIPKEA 12-wheel: Maximum speed of 32 mph: Average speed under 20 mph ZIPKEA EAD: Maximum speed of 32 mph *
Urethane wheels play a major role in ZIPKEA’s braking mechanism and need to be replaced periodically; how often the wheels need to be replaced depends on multiple factors, including participant volume and speeds at which riders make contact with the ZIPKEA. A daily inspection requires operators or operator-trained staff to check to make sure all wheels are in good condition with no broken spokes; wheels with any broken spokes must be replaced within 24 hours. *
ZIPKEA does not function properly when ice is present on the zip line or below temperatures of 32° F. *
Daily ZIPKEA inspections must be carried out as well as Annual Recertifications. *
The ZIPKEA Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual must be completely read and comprehended before operating or maintaining ZIPKEA in any way. Failure to follow instructions in this manual will void the manufacturer warranty and render the ZIPKEA unsafe and unfit for use, and could result in serious injury or death. *
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