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PAYMENT INFO: As of 17S, tutor pay rates have increased to $12/hr (Engineering tutor pay rates remain $15/hr). All tutors will now track time in the Kronos online timesheet system. There will no longer be "out-of-pocket" matches because tutoring is now free for all (up to 3 hours/week/subject). However, any time exceeding the limit of 3 hours/week per tutee should not be logged and should be compensated for by the tutee.

If you have submitted a regular tutor application, you may be matched twice. Let us know if this happens. Also let us know if you want to cancel/deactivate on of these requests. If at any point you have received the last tutee you have time for, please let us know and we can deactivate your application(s).

This is one-on-one tutoring. Study groups are separate entities from this.

This form is designed for ONE class. If you wish to tutor in multiple classes or for multiple students, please submit a separate application for each course or student you are requesting.

This application will be filed in the TC database. However, the match is not official and you should not begin tutoring until both you and your requested tutee come into our office TOGETHER during TC office hours (MON 2-3:30pm, TUES 1:30-3:00pm, WED 10:30am-12pm, THURS 9-10:30am, FRI 10:30am-12pm). This policy is required for all specific matches where the tutor is to be paid by the college.


Additional Information:

• Tutor training sessions will be offered on a termly basis to help tutors achieve a level of excellence in their work. They are usually held at the beginning of term. Look for an email from Holly Potter/Tutor Clearinghouse for the dates. In-person training is not required though strongly encouraged. Online Canvas training is mandatory and will be offered once you are hired/matched.

• You are authorized to offer up to three hours per week - no more without permission from the Director of the Tutor Clearinghouse.

•Again, please notify the Tutor Clearinghouse if you have experienced a change in your schedule that will adversely affect your tutoring responsibilities, or if you have any concerns regarding a tutor match (i.e. conflicts in learning or teaching styles, etc.) Changes to your tutoring arrangement can be made only by the Tutor Clearinghouse Staff.

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If you are not an undergraduate student, please email us directly.
What subject would you like to tutor? *
Please fill out a seperate application for each course. English courses not permitted (see RWIT).
Which course number would you like to tutor for the above subject chosen?
What is the LAST name of the professor you took the course with? *
For foreign language and math classes from which you have been exempt, provide us details with the nature of your exemption. (e.g. AP Calculus BC - 5.)
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What is the name of tutee you would like to specifically request? Please use their FULL NAME. No nicknames. *
IMPORTANT: Be sure the tutee you are requesting has filed the corresponding Specific Tutor Request Form. They can find this form at dartgo.org/specifictutor. Your match will be delayed if both forms, from tutor and tutee, are not received. You will also need to come in together for a specific match meeting to finalize your match.
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Would you like to work for community service in our "Pay it Forward" volunteer program? *
Responses to the following questions are used solely for the purpose of collecting demographic data at the end of the term and have no bearing on your request. This allows the Tutor Clearinghouse to identify any demographic(s) that are unable to utilize, or, are underutilizing our resources. In turn, this helps our outreach efforts to any demographic that may be unable to use our resources. Our overall goal is to be accessible to all students on campus. We appreciate your consideration in providing the appropriate information.
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Are you currently on a visa? *
International students are subject to specific rules under federal employment laws.
Have you already submitted your I-9/W-4 verification forms to the college? *
All students who are employed by the College MUST have these forms submitted and verified by the Payroll Office within the first 3 days of employment. http://www.dartmouth.edu/~control/payroll/pay-forms.html
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If you have any additional requests or questions, please enter them below.
Alternatively, feel free to email us any time at: Tutor.Clearinghouse@Dartmouth.edu
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The Tutor Hiring Agreement
All tutors are expected to be able to accommodate up to three hours per week of tutoring per tutee assigned. The rate of pay will be $12/ hour (unless you are tutoring an ENGS course - $15/hr)


It is the expectation of the Tutor Clearinghouse that you will:

• By virtue of signing this contract, acknowledge the importance of the confidential relationship into which you have entered.
• Clearly communicate with the Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator of any concerns that you may have regarding the tutor match (i.e. conflicting schedules, inappropriate match due to differences in learning or teaching styles, etc.)
• Notify the Tutor Clearinghouse (either by blitz or in person) of any changes in your tutoring load within 7 days of receiving notification of the tutor match or two weeks following a tutoring session that results in no follow-up. This will include advising us of tutees who do not appear to need the tutoring services, as well as students who drop the course (thereby no longer needing the services of a tutor)
• Notify the Tutor Clearinghouse immediately when you have experienced a change in your schedule which will adversely affect your tutoring responsibilities. Changes to your tutoring arrangement can be made only by the Clearinghouse staff.
• Be responsive to the needs of your tutee by scheduling tutorial sessions promptly and arriving on time and prepared to work.
• Clearly communicate with your tutee about your availability and resolve any differences immediately.
• Uphold your agreement to provide tutorial services throughout the term. By signing below, you also acknowledge that UNLESS OTHERWISE STIPULATED BY THE TUTOR CLEARINGHOUSE COORDINATOR, all work is to be done on a 1:1 basis. Students and the College pay for this work with the understanding that students will receive 1:1 attention.
* [For those who will be paid by the College:] Fill out the Kronos timecard every two weeks and submit it in on time so that your earned wages are paid in a manner consistent with New Hampshire state law.
* I understand that I am responsible for accurately recording all time worked with each tutee on Kronos if I am being paid by Dartmouth College. I am aware that any fraudulent claims of time worked will be investigated and may be result in termination, referral to the Office of Undergraduate Judicial Affairs as a violation of the Dartmouth Community Standards of Conduct, or both.

I have read and understood the responsibilities and expectations of this tutoring position and accept employment as a tutor through the Tutor Clearinghouse as stipulated in this contract and on the Tutor Clearinghouse website. I understand that this job requires a time commitment of up to three hours per week per tutee.

To accept this agreement, please write your *Net ID number* in the box below.

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