Talbot County Free Library 2019 Summer Reading Program Survey
Please be honest. Your answers will help us improve our Summer Reading Program. Thank you!
In which Summer Reading Program did members of your family participate? (choose all that apply) *
Please tell us how many members of your family participated in the program(s) you selected above. (e.g. Ages 0-5 -- 2 children, Ages 6-11 -- 1 child)
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Have you participated in the Summer Reading Program at Talbot County Free Library before? *
Because of the Summer Reading Program... *
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I/We are more confident readers.
I/We read more often.
I/We use the library more often.
We spent more time sharing ideas with family and friends.
What did you like best or what would you improve about the Summer Reading Program?
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Do you think that you will participate in the Summer Reading Program again next summer?
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What else can you tell us about your family's experience?
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