Alaska School Librarian/Library Staff of the Year Awards - Nomination Form 2020-2021
Thank you for taking the time to nominate an outstanding school librarian, or school library staff member. While there aren't many questions on this form, if you compose your short narrative here, there is the possibility of "timing out. We recommend composing it elsewhere, and then pasting it into this form. Here are the items you will need:
*Nominee’s name (including name of teacher, or librarian certificate, if different)
*School name
*Email address
*Website, or blog address.
*List of additional supporting documents that will be e-mailed separately as attachments
*Short narrative telling how this school librarian or library staff member meets the SLOY/SLSOY criteria

We will also need your (Nominator's) name, position, school, address, phone and email address.
*Additional documentation may include photos, news articles, letters, or anything else that would help to communicate the accomplishments of your librarian.
Must be a member of the Alaska Association of School Librarians by March 1, 2020 11:59 P.M.
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Nominee's Website, or Blog address (if any)
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Nominator's Nomination Letter *
Your letter should address: the following criteria • Operates a library program that strives toward the goals set forth in the AASL National School Library Standards • Promotes the development of independent lifetime readers and learners. • Is an integral part of the educational team. • Exemplifies professional involvement by sharing expertise with colleagues both locally and around the state. • Is a certified librarian (SLOY only) currently working in a library position. • Demonstrates professionalism by being a member of AKLA and the AkASL Round table and/or other professional organizations.
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List any supporting documents that you will be sending separately via email.
Additional documentation may include photos, news articles, letters or anything else that would help to communicate the accomplishments of your librarian.
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