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Welcome! Although we have concluded accepting applicants for Spring 2023 Recruitment, please fill out this form if you are interested in joining to stay up to date with the nearest recruitment cycle. Your answers on this form will not affect your application should you decide to formally apply in the future -- this is just to gauge interest!

Here's a description of each of our teams:
Our Creative Team develops creative concepts that powerfully convey the “big idea” of our campaign. The Creative Team runs with Strategy's research and tirelessly brainstorms until they establish the best creative message for our client's needs. From advertisements to campaign copy, Creative imbues our campaigns with bold concepts and daring ideas.

Our Media Team locks down all of the logistics of our campaign. Their thorough research informs where and when advertisements are running and ensures our advertising dollars are well-spent. Our Media Experts conduct extensive research to understand the audience of each media platform, allowing us to offer branded content that is perfectly tailored to the target audience.

Our Strategy team conducts qualitative and quantitative research to capture and distill the essential information which informs our advertising campaigns. Our Strategy team conducts surveys, holds interviews, tracks trends, and interprets data to make sure our team is armed with the most relevant information. Our strategists are the foundation of our team, their research acts as the strong base from which we build the rest of our campaign.

Our Production Team designs and produces visuals like print ads, video commercials, websites, and digital promotions for our campaign, as well as designing the campaign casebook and presentation. The Production Team brings all of Creative's ideas to life, creating powerful visuals through eye-catching designs and compelling imagery.
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